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Starts With Me - 2023 National UK Campaign

Being part of the National HIV Testing Campaign in the UK for Terrence Higgins Trust

Overwhelmed with gratitude and pride to see my face lighting up billboards across London, decorating Tube stations, and trailing behind buses! 🌟 Being part of the National HIV Testing Campaign in the UK is not just a personal achievement but a chance to contribute to a cause that matters. Huge thanks to everyone sending me pictures – your support means the world! Let's keep spreading awareness and making a positive impact together! 🙏🏳️‍🌈

It Starts With Me is about making a difference in your own life and stopping HIV. You make it happen. Join the movement, spread the word… be the start of something that will change HIV history.

It Starts With Me is the campaign to promote HIV testing and reduce HIV infection.The message 'Test - Treat - Protect' runs through the campaign, which stresses the individual responsibility we all have in stopping the spread of HIV.

You can still order a free test right now. Just go to the link in our bio and get yours now.

Test now or find out more about why testing for HIV is important at




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