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Tantra Oasis at Casa Risa JUNE 2024

Embark on a Journey of Sensual Discovery: Join Our Tantric Retreat in Portugal's Algarve!

Escape to paradise with my exclusive Tantric retreat nestled in the heart of Portugal's Algarve. 🏝️ Immerse yourself in a serene oasis where you'll experience the transformative power of Tantra massage in the company of like-minded gay men.


  • Tantra Massage Workshops: Dive into the art of Tantra massage with expert guidance and instruction.

  • Swimming Pool Sessions: Relax and unwind by the poolside as you connect with your body and soul.

  • Spa Room Bliss: Indulge in intimate Tantra massage sessions at spa room.

  • Jacuzzi Delights: Soak away your cares in our rejuvenating jacuzzi, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and naked company.

  • Naturist Beach Picnics: Enjoy picnics on the naturist beach, surrounded by breathtaking Algarve scenery.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, connection, and sensual exploration.

Spaces are limited, so book your spot today and embark on a Tantric adventure with me in Portugal!🌈🌞

The workshops aim to explore play, sensuality and connection with like-minded men.

Introduction to Tantra at the Pool

Tantric introduction

An introduction to Neo-Tantra where we explore connection and intimacy through mediation and sensory experiences. This guided workshop will provide the basics and answer any questions or curiosities you may have about what tantra is, and isn’t!  Our intention is to introduce you to tantra at a level with which you consent and feel comfortable to participate at.

Part 1 undressing ritual Upper body - Connection and Surrender.

4 hours 

2pm until 6pm.

Tantric Intentions

In this experience we will put intention into our touch, without words. We will explore the joy and sensuality of touching and being touched. Fo Imagine the sensation of a finger moving up the spine to the nape of the neck: a slow teasing intention to reach an imaginary place that will bring great pleasure to the receiver and the explorer too. We invite you to give and receive at the same time. Using different kind of strokes and pressures moving continuously and slowly. Then you can create and practice your own small undressing ritual with your partner. This is suitable for everyone and no previous experience is necessary.

Part 2  undressing ritual Lower body - Teasing and Willpower.

4 hours

2pm until 6pm.

Tantric Ritual Oasis

In this Tantric Ritual we will put into practice the workshops into a conscious sensual ritual, honouring the divine masculine through connection, touch and massage. Working in group we will swap between leading the process and receiving. Whilst erotic and sensual in nature this is not a sexual experience and the boundaries of no penetration and/or exchanging fluids are held at all times. Just as working within comfort and consent.

A safe space to share, learn and explore!

And of course, full use of the Pool, Sauna and Hot tub!

These are all-inclusive, and no previous experience is necessary to participate.

Working in pairs, you may work with your partner or share experiences with others.

Our aim is to provide a safe space to explore your mind and body. Whilst not sexual, some workshops involve nudity, massage and sensory stimulation. Everything is held within safe boundaries and consent. You may participate only with what you are comfortable and consenting to.

The workshop will start on Tuesday 25th until 27th of June at 4 hours each day 

Starting at 2pm until 6pm. 

Click here if you want to Book a massage session with me in the Private Room at Casa Risa. 

Special Discounts for workshop participants

You can stay before or after.

The extra days can be booked directly with Casa Risa.

For secures two places for the weekend's events, food and entertainment,

book directly with Casa Risa.


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