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I get nervous making massage appointments.  I am usually desperate (for connection and touch) and horny (sensually deprived). At that cliff, a massage sounds like a good idea, but so many things make me anxious - Is this safe? Will the masseur be what I expect? Will I feel comfortable? Will I feel a connection? Will I feel self-conscious about my body? Will he find me attractive or pretend it? Will it be worth the money? Will I feel guilty about it or regret the expense as I sometimes do? Do I really want a “happy” ending or will the anticipation of that spoil my presence during the session. Yeah, lots of crazy thinking. But I do it anyway, make the appointment, show up, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and sometimes disappointed.

To be honest, this is how I showed up at P!nto’s door, a bundle of nerves and questions, but with a facade of cool.

P!nto put immediately at ease, greeted me as a friend, offered me water in a beautiful glass, and sat me down for a chat. His genuinely warm presence put me at ease. And when the massage experience began I gave my body and trust over to him. I was not disappointed.

I call this a massage experience because it is more than a massage. The session attended to my heart and to my body. I left feeling more alive and more present. In our fast-paced and tech driven world, the experience with P!nto really grounded me. I felt more in touch with my body and my emotions in a way that I needed. The experience was transformative. Dare I say, it was the best massage I have ever had.

P!nto is amazing. He is deeply intuitive, kind, and generous. He is a beautiful man and spirit. Make an appointment with him. You will not be disappointed. I can hardly wait for another session.


After a particularly stressful few weeks at work, I decided to treat myself to some quality ‘me time’ so I could start my holiday refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. I’m so glad I decided to pay P!nto a visit. From the very beginning of our time, he made me feel very special. He was incredibly warm, friendly but also professional. He gave me all the guidance and information I needed beforehand. He has a wonderful apartment, clean and spacious, and he made me feel very welcome and the centre of his attention.

I had booked the sensual massage, and even now I’m still not quite able to put into words how amazing it was, how great it made me feel after and how attentive and generous P!nto was throughout. All the different scents, touches, textures, and pressures really heightened my senses and I felt like the whole world melted away. It was a unique experience, and if you can embrace it and go with the flow then I’m sure it would be as truly a transcendent experience as mine was. There were several moments when I felt like I’d left the world behind and was lost in the moment. I was absolutely delighted with everything P!nto did, but he was always very caring and communicative, checking in that I was ok and enjoying myself.

P!nto clearly has a passion for what he does, he enthusiasm and skills shine through. I can’t wait until I’m able to book some more time with him.

I had set out to be refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated….mission accomplished. Thank you so much P!nto.


P!nto is not only extremely handsome, but more important one of the most talented masseur, I have ever experienced. He has just magic hands. He is a very beautiful person who welcomes you in his amazing apartment and he will treat you like a king. He is great to talk to; especially before the massage to create a welcoming atmosphere.
His place has an outstanding view and is easy to reach (finally a clean, modern and nice decorated apartment that gives you the right ease to get into the massage spirt).
P!nto offers a unique massage experience and this is what I look for, when I want a professional massage.
He is my best massage experience so far, as he creates with his strong hands an incredible perfect pressure and at the same time his amazing body glides all over your entire body.
This experience is like the perfect dream and it was the most unique massage, I ever had. He awakes all your senses and doesn’t miss any muscle of your body. His massage is a journey of exploring your body.
His pictures are already beautiful, but meeting his personality and his natural beauty was just breathtaking.
P!nto is not only a great masseur, but also a good listener - just a guy you want to hang out with and you will feel safe under his hands.
His massage therapy is perfectly directed and you will learn new sensations of you body which you have never experienced before.
P!nto takes his time to get to know his customers and makes sure that you are satisfied and comfortable. He is very caring and very keen to give you an unforgettable massage. He is also a good tantric therapist that supports your libido and offers you the right relaxation for the upcoming days. I just loved it and I am very specific with my massages.
I only can highly recommend him. Cannot wait to see him again.


My massage experience with P!nto was total bliss! Definitely one of the best massages I've had ever--no exaggeration. My massage was the first I had since before the March lockdown shenanigans. Since that time, my neck, shoulders, and body ached constantly from inactivity and work stress. I arrived promptly as his location for my appointment. P!nto greeted me with a warm smile, and took my temperature after entering his place. I also saw he also had sanitizer and disposable masks on hand for precaution. We talked for a bit our past lives as if we were old friends catching up. He had prepared relaxing Brazilian music and warm oil for my treatment. After I freshened up with a shower, P!nto blindfolded me and offered gentle touches over my body for several minutes before leading me to his massage table. He warmed his hands and used light to medium pressure and the warm scented oils to work out the knots in my shoulder and tightness in my neck. Over the next hour or so, P!nto massaged all areas my body, helping relieve my muscle pain and making me feel "de-stressed." After the massage end, I felt weak and ready to fall sleep on the table because I was relaxed! No doubt, I would recommend P!nto to everyone who seeks a relaxing, professional message, by a caring gentle spirit--someone really interested you and your total relaxation. Treat yourself to P!nto's total massage experience. You won't be disappointed!


Wow! Had the most amazing massage experience with P!nto.  From the get go.communication was excellent and extremely professional.  P!nto has a warm and kind nature that puts you right at ease and also gives you detailed information on how to prepare for the massage.

I met P!nto in his apartment overlooking the Thames which has an amazing view. The apartment is spotlessly clean and the atmosphere is very comfortable with soothing music and the smell of massage oil in the air.

P!nto is an extremely handsome man with the most amazing smile and eyes you might ever see. We started off having a chat before the massage which helped to ease any nerves and got to know each other.  We then proceeded to the blindfolded undressing ritual.  P!nto was very thorough in the ritual using firm and gentle techniques to make the whole  body tingle with delight.

Then the massage took place on a professional table.  P!nto used every inch of his body on mine to create the most amazing sensual experience.  I will not spoil with details but to suffice to say I left feeling very relaxed and extremely contented.

P!nto is the most amazing spirit is kind, warm, caring and has a beautiful soul.  I will definitely be back for more and feel like I have made a new friend.

Thanks P!nto.

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