Wonderful technique and really lovely to talk to


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Oct 12, 2017

I met Caio recently for a two hour massage. He arrived on time and was in no hurry to dash off. The massage and overall experience was excellent.


A fantastic looking guy, wonderful technique and really lovely to talk to. It was much more like spending time with an old buddy than meeting a stranger. I’m seeing him again soon and, I hope, many times to come.​

Magical and affirming experience.


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May 26, 2018

My massage with caio was a magical and affirming experience. to describe the special way the massage begins and the environment in which it takes place would be to rob you of the magic--discover for yourself.


But suffice it to say that caio is a lovely human being, inside and out, and that his touch is one of the most sensual, relaxing, and transporting i have experienced. he really knows and appreciates the male body, and his massage techniques bring you to a calm space where you stop thinking, only feeling with your body. a great masseur, worth every cent! ​

A genuinely pleasurable experience from start to finish, from a very genuine man


Reviewed on 

Jun 13, 2018

Caio is a skilled, thoughtful, and a generous masseur who is incidentally very easy to chat with . An extremely sensual beginning with a build up to a much firmer and very erotic massage.


I certainly wasn't made to feel rushed and am looking forward to another session!