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Polaroid Lift: P!NTO

Now you can buy an exclusive Polaroid from Meat

These polaroid lifts are all unique, framed/unframed pieces of original art (not prints).  Each one is individually hand-crafted and a total one-off. They come framed 25cm x 25cm or unframed.  The images themselves are approximately 9cm x 9cm.  
Signed and numbered /10
What are polaroid lift?
A Polaroid lift is an image manipulation technique in which the image from a Polaroid instant print  is transfered onto paper,  The polaroid emulsion lift involves separating the top layer (the image layer) from a Polaroid using a hot water bath and placing it on paper.  
Please note all images will contain creases, tears, dust and water marks from the process,  which add to their unique appeal.
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