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Intention of Touch - Naked Men Festival Zurich 2023

It's an immense pleasure I announce that I will once again be part of this incredible festival in Zurich with my dear friends.

Due to the success of the previous year, this time there will be 2 workshops led by me. The traditional Intention of Touch, which helps you connect with your partner in a more intimate way avoiding performances or pre-rehearsed scripts.

And now we have Beyond Penetration It's a workshop will help you to map, identify and wake up our most sensitive erogenous zones on our body and play when an erection is not available or you need to have a break in your sex life.

Trust me SEX is MORE than that!

Hope to see you there too. If you have any questions about the festival or the workshops, please send me a message via Whatsapp +44 7378 286545


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