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Sat, 02 Sept



I'm teaching at Naked Man Festival 2023

Our workshops are learning spaces where participants* can step out of their comfort zone, explore boundaries and communicate. We also offer an Open Space on Saturday evening where participants have the opportunity to play consensually with each other, be sensual, and have sex in designated areas.

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I'm teaching at Naked Man Festival 2023
I'm teaching at Naked Man Festival 2023

Time & Location

02 Sept 2023, 09:00 CEST – 03 Sept 2023, 18:00 CEST

Zurich, Serrat(u)s Bodywork Zwinglistrasse 40 8004 Zürich

About the event

Naked Man Festival 2023 

Hello guys, I'm very happy to be part of the Naked Man Festival as a facilitators in September with 2  Workshops: 

Saturday Intention of Touch Workshop and on sunday Beyond Penetration

Will be 2 days in Zurich with other facilitators Inspiring intimate and authentic connections between men.

Have a look Who's Facilitating?

Festival Vision

At th festival, we bring together men and people on the trans-masculine spectrum who want to meet each other, naked, for a weekend. To do this, we create a space that feels safe enough for everyone to be authentic, honest and vulnerable.

Our workshops are learning spaces where participants* can step out of their comfort zone, explore boundaries and communicate. We also offer an Open Space on Saturday evening where participants have the opportunity to play consensually with each other, be sensual, and have sex in designated areas.



We are not looking for perfect people and we desire a diverse group of men* at our festival. In doing so, we also recognize that there may be tension and discomfort at times. Therefore, a certain level of awareness and education is required.  We expect a willingness to learn as well as an openness to try new things and break familiar patterns.

We ask you to be guided by the following:


  • Be generous to yourself by respecting your boundaries and taking care of yourself.
  • Be willing to express yourself honestly, apologize when someone is hurt by your behavior, communicate in a solution-oriented way, and seek help when needed.
  • Tolerate differences in behavior and opinions, recognizing that not everyone lives in the same 'bubble' as you. Respect that all people are on their path and are just where they are.


  • Meet others with curiosity and empathy. Help create a supportive space where all feel welcome.
  • Use the names and pronouns that the other person shares with you.
  • Confidentiality: Do not talk about other participants, their names or identities outside of our spaces (except with their explicit consent).
  • Help keep the rooms clean and tidy.
  • Sometimes it is easier to stand up for others than for yourself. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open and ask if you feel someone needs help.


  • Get a picture of how you come across to others and what your abilities and limitations are. Our sharing rounds give you the opportunity to share your feelings, needs, concerns, and other important information that might be helpful to others.
  • Try to feel your impulses and boundaries and communicate them (we will support you in this)
  • Be aware that your experiences, perceptions, thoughts, stories, body and boundaries are yours, just as other people have their own experiences, perceptions, thought, story, body and boundaries.


  • Make sure you maintain good hygiene.
  • We realize that hygiene may mean something different to everyone, so we have set some standards: Clean, trimmed and groomed nails, clean hands and feet, brushed teeth and regular showers. We assume that the parts of your body that you allow to be touched are clean. Please refrain from using strong-smelling perfumes for the sake of odor-sensitive people.
  • If you currently have a proven communicable infection, please do not come to the weekend.
  • If you have a transmittable skin infection, please do not do touching exercises without informing the person across from you.


Consensus is an agreement about what can and cannot happen and can take place in the context of society, an event, or a personal interaction. Consensus is established verbally, nonverbally, by law, social norms, and more.

  • Opt-in / rule of two feet: Every exercise and interaction is opt-in only. It is never assumed that you are participating in anything. If you find yourself in a situation you do not want to be in, it is sufficient to physically remove yourself. You are free to move at any time and you don't have to justify it. A "no" is always welcome here.
  • If you decide to leave the festival before it ends, please inform someone from the team.
  • Explicit consent is always required for games and practices, and from everyone involved. When addressing someone, give the person space and time to express an authentic response (we will support you how to do this).
  • If you are uncomfortable with a person or situation and for some reason notice that it is causing discomfort or avoidance, please inform the workshop leader or their assistant. If you feel that someone is avoiding you, talk to us. This does not have to mean that anyone has done anything wrong. However, it is important for us to know about your discomfort.

We are aware that we live in a world where many people do not follow all the rules or interpret them very flexibly. Spaces like ours are different: we mean all these words very seriously and want you to recognize and honor them.


Schedule under development

The first workshop is open to everyone. After that, you can spontaneously decide which of the three workshops you want to attend. In the middle and at the end of the day we all meet in the big room for further information and a short sharing. The program is subject to change.

We have three rooms, a small sauna, a kitchen and garden, as well as three showers/toilets.

The anteroom of the sauna is also used for workshops. It may happen that for the workshops the rooms are spontaneously swapped if it makes sense due to the number of participants. Please be in the respective room 5 minutes before the start of the workshop so that we can assess whether rooms need to be changed.

Please note that participation in the evening program is optional. It’s no problem to leave early on either day if you are tired or have other commitments. Self care is essential! 


Serrat(u)s Bodywork  Zwinglistrasse 40  8004 Zürich

To buy your tickets you will be redirected to the Festival payment site


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